Jen Jen (rogue_missy) wrote in charmed_lovers,
Jen Jen
charmed_lovers all i have to say about that finale!.....well, maybe not all...

I loved it. If that was the way they were going to end the show. I think i would have been ok with it. I really liked it!

I'm very happy Daryl saw them. I was just about to cry thinking that Daryl thought they were dead. But then he saw them and i was like YES!

Only thing i'm not sure on....Did Piper and Phoebe get their powers back since Zanku was vanquished or is Paige the only one left with her powers. Im thinking they got them back but I couldn't tell.

I think it would have been a perfect way to end it. But now im unsure as to what they are going to do next year. I mean, are they still going to live in San Fransisco. Will Piper still own the Club. And what is the show going to be without the infamous Halliwell Manor.

I really didn't like who they glamoured into though. Ugh, not feeling those costumes too much.

But yeah. When they were just standing their and Zanku was blowing up I was like, WHY AREN'T YOU ORBING OUT? It seemed like the obvious thing to do. But that seems to do what they did so I'm happy! Lol. Its a smart plan though. It worked for Cole, atleast for a while.

The scene when they were saying Goodbye to their Dad and the boys had me crying. It was really good when you thought they were really leaving them.

All in all though. I LOVED IT. It was perfect! I could definetly live with it if that was the Series Finales. Next season is going to have to be soooooooooo different. I can't wait to see what they do.
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