Jen Jen (rogue_missy) wrote in charmed_lovers,
Jen Jen

Just a few thoughts....Cut incase though....

1. I love that Cole was the "Birdie" Drake talked about. He loves Phoebe so much. But atleast he has finally learned to let her go. Theres a fine line between love and obsession. Lol.

2. Leo being human. Thats what i wanted at the beginning when they said he would be made human. But then they made the twist about the amnesia. And that elder guy was egging him on. Errr he bugs me. But in the end i was happy that he was Human, but with Piper. YAYNESS!

3. I was wicked happy about this, but then i was struck with a bad feeling. I love that Leo is human, but how long is it going to be until he feels useless where he doesn't have any powers. Hes in a house with Three Charmed sister and 2 Charmed sons, then there is just him, Average Jo Shmo. You know what i mean? I'm just afraid he wont be able to sit on the sidelines and not do anything and end up getting hurt. But then again he was mostly the INFO guy. So maybe he will be content just looking for demons in the BOS and mixing potions.

But can i just say. PIPER AND LEO..........THAT IS HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!
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