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Charmed / Mutant X Crossover rpg

I hope it is ok to post this here. If not let me know and I will delete it!

Charming World: a Charmed & Mutant X crossover

Genre: TV Series: Charmed & Mutant X
Age Limit: 17+ (May include adult content that will be marked accordingly)
Deadline: none

The rpg started as a Charmed rpg after episode 7.06. It is still unclear what the new big evil is and Leo is still an elder and no avatar.
So far the Charmed Ones met another witch and found out that their new neighbour might be a demon. After a spell from Paige and the with Sarah went wrong Prue was brought through time from the moment before she died. Prue now tries to find out what happened while she was “gone” and everyone tries to deal with the new situation.

As in a Charmed rpg only a few interesting characters from the series are open it wasn´t possible to get more members, so we decided to make it a crossover and a voting chose Mutant X. As soon as we get some more members the rpg will continue!

The rpg will be settled after Mutant X Season 3.

The Charmed Ones get a new whitelighter to guide them especially with the new situation of four sisters. The whitelighter is Emma DeLauro.
After her death Emma was given the chance to become a whitelighter and has since that been in training to become one. Now she was chosen to become the Charmed Ones new whitelighter.
Emma was instucted to only do her duty as whitelighter and not have contact with her former friends anymore. However Emma still watches over them and when her friends get into a fight she can´t just watch and interferes.
After that Emma gets into trouble with the Elders, but with Leos help can stay as the Charmed Ones whitelighter.
Through Emma the Charmed Ones and Mutant X get to know eachother and Mutant X decides to open a new headquarter in San Francisco.
Witches and Mutants might start to fight side by side against the evil in the world. The rpg will show!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Friendly mods and an interesting storyline guaranteed! *g*

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

most needed characters:

Adam Kane
Darryl Morris
Jesse Kilmartin
Lexa Pierce
Shalimar Fox


If there isn´t mentioned “played by”, then the character is free!

For characters that only once or twice were in the series links to a summary of the episode are included.



Max Franklin
Phoebe Halliwell _phoebs_h played by Ulrike
Piper Halliwell piper_freeze played by Cory
Prue Halliwell charming_prue played by Betty
Sarah Jones (original character) sarah_jones played by Betty

”half-witches” & “half-whitelighters”

Paige Matthews heart_of_paige played by Katie
Chris Perry / Halliwell charmedchris played by Cory
Wyatt Halliwell

demons, halfdemons, warlocks, etc:

Adrian Brooks (original character) adrian_brooks played by Ulrike
Richard Montana

normal humans

Bane Jessup
Dan Gordon
Darryl Morris
Glen Belland
Jack Sheridan
Jason Dean
Kyle Brody agent_brody played by Ulrike
Leslie St. Claire
Victor Bennett (Charmed ones father)


Leo Wyatt leowyattwl played by Brad


Emma DeLauro played by Sarah
Sam Wilder

Mutant X

Brennan Mulwray brennan_mulwray played by Betty
Jesse Kilmartin
Lexa Pierce
Shalimar Fox

other mutants

Angel (feral)
Ashley (electricity)
Beau (feral)
Barry Sterling aka Kilohertz
Catherine Hartman (invisibility)
Charlotte Cooke
Danielle Hartman (invisibility)
Diana Moller (time travel)
Dominic Rydell
Dr. Robinson
Frank Thorne
Jerri (X-ray vision)
Kelly Rice (firestarter)
Lorna Templeton
Marc Griffin (memory stealing)
Matty Conlan
Michelle Bigelow
Morgan Fortier (telekinesis)
Nikki Rogers (feral)
Richard Blake
Riley Morgan
Todd (superspeed)
William Dennett
Zack Lockhart

normal humans

Adam Kane
Alisha Keary
Dr. Harrison
Keith Burstyn
Megan Morrison
Miranda Davis
Noah Kilmartin
The Creator

dead characters that might come back with a good reason why:

Andy Trudeau
Cole Turner
Gabriel Ashlocke
Mason Eckhart
Melinda Warren
Leo Pierce
Patty Halliwell
Penny Halliwell
Richard Saunders (feral)
The Seer

Original Characters are welcome as long as they are not Mary Sues.


about you:
yahoo- or other messengers:
Previous Rpg experience (It does not matter if you do not have any)

about the character:
Race (witch, demon, mutant, normal human,...)
If it is an original character please give a small bio:
If the character was dead, please let us know, how and why he/she comes back:


1) No playing God - We forbid any attempt by a player to control a character that belongs to another player without permission and changing the story line dramatically with out consulting the other players or the Moderator.
You will be given a friendly warning if you are caught doing these things.

2) Original Characters - Original Characters are welcome to join this rpg, just no Mary sue's please, there annoying and the world would be a boring place if everyone was perfect.

3) Limit of Characters -You can play up to three characters. If we feel after a while you can handle of fourth character you will be allowed one.

4) Updating - You must update your journal at least once a week or post in the rpg, so others can know whats happening with your character.

5) Slash - Slash is accepted. But not everyone of course can be gay / lesbian or it would not be realistic.

6) Fun - This rpg has been made for fun, so one of the most important rules is to have fun.

7) Age - You have to be 17 or older to join this rpg.

8) Storylines - Any major storylines and changes must be run by the mods.

9)In every headline of new threads must be written the day, time and place of the threads!
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